itmWEB Methodology

VBM - Vision Based Methodology

Key Processes - Step by Step Components

VBM - Vision Based Methodology
VBM - Vision Based Methodology™

Activity 1. Selling the Idea

A Quick Approach to Cost-Benefit Analysis

The Four Step System Sales Process

Activity 2. Creating the Plan

A Time Tested Planning Approach

Activity 3. Building the Team

Selecting the Project Team Members

(N/U) Matching Skills to Roles

Activity 4. Uncovering the Requirements

Start the Vision Now

Conducting Facilitated Sessions

Activity 5. Modeling the Business

Model the Business Information Flows

Model the Business Processes

(N/U) Model the Business Information

(N/U) Data Normalization

(N/U) A look at Object-Oriented Modeling

(N/U) Completing Business Analysis

Activity 6. Conceptualizing the System

The Logical to Physical Transformation

The Critical Technology Decisions

Database Considerations

Using UNIX

The Key Transitions

Time to Re-estimate!

Activity 7. Creating the Vision

Creating the System Vision

Race to the Database

Create the Prototypes

Conducting the Protyping Sessions

A look at Object-Oriented Design

Diagramming the Processing

Adding the System Controls

Activity 8. Specifying the Vision

Developing the Standards

(N/U) Let's Get Physical

Build a Library

Program Structure & Action Diagrams

Take it for a Test Drive

Converting the Data: What, When , & How

(N/U) A Planned Testing Approach

Activity 9. Constructing the System

Organizing the Workflow

Indexing and Uniqueness

Developing Reusable Components

Program Skeletons

A look at Object-Oriented Programming

Code Generation

Testing, Testing, Testing

Activity 10. Reselling the Idea

Documentation: Tell'um How to Use It

(N/U) Training: Show'um How to Use It

Conducting Acceptance Testing